Customers, data, and opportunity

Conversational interfaces, or chatbots as they're commonly known, deliver a new user experience that can meet many of today’s digital consumers’ demands.

Customers, data, and opportunity

Meet Alfred, the insurance comparison chatbot. Alfred helps Australian insurance comparator Lifebroker to offer comprehensive insurance options for customers. Alfred can:

  • Offer insurance options
  • Collect and update customer information
  • Make a joke or two

Test Alfred for yourself here.

Customers, data, and opportunity

See how a chatbot fits into your digital transformation in our latest ebook, Chatbots: A conversation worth having

Chatbots may sound like another technology fad, but a closer look reveals more substance to these new customer interactions. Conversational interfaces reinvent the way you interact with your customers and can drive greater efficiencies in several areas of your business - customer engagement, data analytics, sales, and more. Download your copy today.

Learn more about conversational interfaces

  • Meet customers on their prefered platform
  • Reduce demand on customer service teams
  • Provide a 24/7 point of contact for customers
  • Make better, faster decisions with complex data
  • Contextually engage customers to encourage decisions
  • Generate data on your customer support and sales processes

What is a chatbot?

Today, messaging platforms have become the norm. Over one billion people are on Facebook Messenger, 300 million use Skype, and more than six billion have SMS. Naturally, users (like your customers) will gravitate towards businesses that can communicate on any platform.

Artificial Intelligence
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Hear Eduard Liebenberger, our Head of Digital take a deep dive into the benefits chatbots can bring to any business.

Talk is cheap

What’s inside is what really makes conversational interfaces special. The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) like machine learning allows these systems to learn from each interaction and improve as they interact. We lead with user experience (UX), which means that the conversation we build is the conversation your customers want to have. Then you can build in benefits like:

  • Context-aware communication
  • Sentiment-based communication
  • Metrics on customer interactions
  • Transitions that encourage people to use the messaging platform
  • Seamless hand-over to a human representative if the bot doesn't understand

Improve your customers' experience

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