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Empowering Your Organisational Journey through Modernisation of Data and Applications

Empowering our clients to deliver unique customer experiences; using the best of emerging digital platforms and technologies while recognising the value of long established systems.

Evolve your core systems

Application Modernisation

Most businesses have been through a digital innovation or transformation in response to growing cloud services or consumer demand. But if you have a question mark over how your core system can be a part of this, Jade Digital can help. Most core systems are tailored to fit with unique ways of working that shape how you do business. We help you hold onto that IP and the culture its' grown, reduce friction, enable engagement and move forward with your business strategy.

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How application modernisation helps


Jade-Digital_Support_App-Mod_Icons Avoid the end of support

Often it seems that replacing or upgrading your applications is the only way forward, but doing so can mean losing key customisations and processes built over the years that are central to your way of working.

Jade-Digital_Engage_App-Mod_Icons Engage customers

Your customers are requesting access to information you store and you want to share it in an interesting and engaging way. Currently this isn't possible with your applications.

Jade-Digital_Cloud_App-Mod_Icons Run on the cloud

You want the benefits enabled by cloud hosting but you don't want the extensive programme of work to move all of your on-prem systems and map established business processes for continuity.

Jade-Digital_Improve_App-Mod_Icons Employee engagement

You have part of your core system that gets circumvented because it's not intuitive or straightforward to use. You need to keep the function, but enhance the user experience.

Realising value sooner

DevOps Excellence

Many organisations have implemented some form of DevOps as a key step towards becoming agile. Jade Digital run agile to your project boundaries (a tricky but beneficial balance), offering transparency into progress on a reliable schedule. Through this open process many of our clients have gained insight into their DevOps journey.

While DevOps processes can revolutionise development and team environments, businesses are typically far from realising the return on investment as they should. If this sounds like your current situation, lean into our initial discovery workshop and see for yourself what would move you closer to realising that promised value.


Working with Jade Digital

multi-1 We are

A team with Experience Designers, DevOps Coaches, Machine learning experts, Developers and Architects.

rapid-1 A fast
path forward

We focus on the rapid delivery of measurable business benefits through our agile, design-centered ways of working.

Book-1 We de-risk
your solutions

We bring a wealth of insight and experience from long-term customer partnerships that span heavily regulated industries.

change-1 Change shouldn't
equal disruption

We have testing built into our development and work within your project boundaries. 

White paper:

De-risk your move to the cloud

Learn how you can confidently approach your modernisation programme in our white paper Going Cloud-Native: Re-platforming in the cloud to enable digital transformation.

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