Case Study

Document Repository Solution

Skipton Building Society (Skipton) is one of the longest-standing financial institutions in Britain, offering mortgages, savings, and financial advice. Given the nature of this work, tens of thousands of documents were created, scanned, updated, and accessed every day across multiple locations. 

As the support term for their document management system was approaching its end, over 90 million client and business documents were in storage with 1.5 million more getting added each month. One option was to move to the new version of the application, but upon investigation, it would’ve meant erasing years of customisations, and re-writing business processes as a result. With a view to move their technology ecosystem to the cloud, a low-disruption option was needed. 

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Skipton approached us to rebuild the application in the cloud. In this case, the ideal outcome would be for employees and customers to notice very little cosmetic change, but to have enhanced speed and responsiveness from the system. And it would be the IT team that would gain added capability, security and control. 

Working with the team at Skipton we completely rebuilt the application in Azure. This involved a new backend in C#, front end with VUE – Java script, hosted on AWS. The application displayed to users through a mix of Visual Basic and SQL with Active X controls. We also developed APIs for the transfer of information between the application and existing client management system using Azure Cloud and Cosmos DB. Access to the application was controlled through the existing sign-on functionality. 

The outcome was an overnight transition between the old and new document repositories, with employees and customers noting the faster response time. With a future-proofed core system that aligns with their digital vision for a complete cloud ecosystem, Skipton is set to continue their great tradition of helping people find a good place for their money. 


Jade's technical knowledge, expertise, and collaborative agile way of working make them a fantastic partner to work with. Our teams worked openly and effectively together to deliver a first-class cloud-native document management solution that has given Skipton the best possible first steps on our cloud transformation journey.

Henry Varney Chief Operating Officer at Skipton Building Society

Rebuilding is just one of the Application Modernisation services we offer at Jade. Many businesses jump to adopting an off-the-shelf solution, but that often erases customer and company history that builds intelligence for moving forward. It can also be a path of high change and disruption. If you have a digital strategy that’s progressing but an inflexible core application, we can help. Reach out via the below form for a confidential chat or read some more customer stories here.