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Jade Platform Roadmap 2022


Evolving Jade

To enable you to meet your organisational objectives and to allow your teams to work more efficiently, it is important for the Jade Platform to continually evolve. We’ve been talking to the Jade community about their biggest business challenges, and we are excited about our latest release.

What's in the Jade 2022 release?


Extend existing capability of REST and standardize
  • Continuous improvements towards adopting open standards
  • Extended existing REST capability
  • Support for .Net 6


Deployment and Operations

Open source mocking framework

Data Management

Data partitioning is extended removing constraints previously preventing some customers from utilizing capability.


  • Collection Concurrency Enhancements
  • Data partitioning improvements
  • Making it easier for developers to avoid bottlenecks and improve scalability and performance


Developer Experience

Do more in less time and gain experience
  • Be able to identify if a class has sub-schema copies and to show/go to these
  • Option to show milliseconds on TimeStamps when inspecting
  • Show subclass lifetime options on abstract classes
  • Ability to use custom toolbar icons in the IDE
  • Ability to reopen the load dialog when there are load issues
  • Retain position in the method you are working on when you need to check on other entities
  • Improved usability for debugger breakpoint with conditions
  • The ability to set breakpoint options in the IDE as you can in the debugger
  • JadeTextEdit and JadeEditor multi-caret and rectangular selection support


Support for Opportunistic TLS – primarily for those integrating with Office Exchange


Do you have the latest release?

Living Roadmap

The JEDI Ideas Portal captures your thoughts on how we can make the Jade Platform work better for you. Everything logged on the JEDI Ideas Portal has a status. The ideas with these statuses represent features that make up the roadmap.

  1. Planned
    We’ve prioritised this feature and expect to ship it in a release.

  2. Executing
    We’re actively working on this feature and expect to ship it in the next release. 

  3. Ready for release
    It’s done! You’ll see this feature in the next release.

Items with a status of future consideration haven’t been prioritised for the next release. We’ll revisit them in the future as we have capacity.

IDE-related ideas are now separated into the IDE backlog status. This status is similar to “Future consideration"; that is, we haven’t prioritised the ideas for the 2022 roadmap but will bring them in based on capacity.

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Follow the roadmap on the JEDI Ideas Portal

Here you can add new ideas, as well as leave comments and feedback on existing ideas - including the ones we are executing, or have implemented already.
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