JADE Roadmap 2020


Evolving JADE

To enable you to meet your organisational objectives and to allow your teams to work more efficiently, it is important for the JADE platform to continually evolve. We hope you enjoy the new functionality available in the 2020 release. We've certainly enjoyed getting it shipshape for you.

What's in the JADE 2020 release?


Making it easier to integrate with your entire technology stack
  • REST API Consumer JAD-I-97
  • REST Client Demo is available here
  • Support Utf8 in JadeHttpConnection JAD-I-349

Deployment and Operations

Make it easier to deploy and manage JADE, in the cloud and onsite
  • Containerising JADE services JAD-I-433
    (Containerising JADE demo is available here)
  • Restartable logical certify JAD-I-478
  • Certifier warnings added JAD-I-407


Ensure system performance and reliability
  • Collection Concurrency Enhancements JAD-I-423
    (Presentation and benchmark results available here)

Enhanced Security

Meeting stringent security requirements

Developer Productivity and Experience

Do more in less time and gain experience

Better UX

Giving you more options to create great experiences for end users

When will the new release be available?

Living Roadmap

The JEDI Ideas Portal captures your thoughts on how we can make JADE work better for you. Everything logged on the JEDI Ideas Portal has a status. The ideas with these statuses represent features that make up the roadmap.

  1. Planned
    We’ve prioritised this feature and expect to ship it in JADE 2020.

  2. Executing
    We’re actively working on this feature and expect to ship it in JADE 2020. 

  3. Ready for release
    It’s done! You’ll see this feature in JADE 2020.

Items with a status of future consideration haven’t been prioritised for the next release. We’ll revisit them in the future as we have capacity.

IDE-related ideas are now separated into the IDE backlog status. This status is similar to “Future consideration"; that is, we haven’t prioritised the ideas for the 2020 roadmap but will bring them in based on capacity.

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Follow the roadmap on the JEDI Ideas Portal

Here you can add new ideas, as well as leave comments and feedback on existing ideas - including the ones we are executing, or have implemented already. Don’t forget to subscribe and create your username so you get fortnightly  updates from portal.
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