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Jade Software Mon, May 8, '23 4 min read

Jade Software Appoints New CEO

Justin Mercer has been appointed as new Chief Executive for tech business, Jade Software. ...
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Jade Software Mon, May 16, '22 9 min read

Streamlining Technology Within Primary Industries

With the vast majority of the Primary Industry sector in Australia spanning a 100+ year ...
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Jade Software Fri, Apr 29, '22 8 min read

Identifying and Mitigating Technology Key Person Risk

What is Technology Key Person Risk & how to identify it within your organisation In ...
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Jade Software Wed, Nov 3, '21 14 min read

Is Software still eating the world?

This edited snippet from Episode 18 of our podcast Beta & Beyond looks at the famous ...
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Jade Software Thu, Aug 5, '21 17 min read

Navigating the seven types of application modernisation

The risks involved with comprehensive digital transformations are simply too high for ...
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Jade Software Wed, Jul 7, '21 12 min read

Agile Transformation Advice (for Directors)

The advice on this podcast is from Liz Maguire. Liz has worked in the financial services ...
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Jade Software Wed, May 26, '21 13 min read

A DevOps crash-course

This excerpt from our podcast Beta & Beyond is all about speed to market, something ...
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Jade Software Fri, May 21, '21 42 min read

Why CX is the ‘heartbeat’ of business - yet common challenges lower the pulse rate

Insights from a leading group of CDOs, CIOs, and heads of departments from financial ...
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Jade Software Fri, Oct 16, '20 8 min read

Three ways to maximise your confidence in your cloud modernisation programme

Cloud modernisation programmes (also referred to as digital transformation) are a ...
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Jade Software Fri, Oct 16, '20 8 min read

What version of 2021 are you investing in for your customers?

Recent research from ADAPT revealed that only 45% of businesses were able to successfully ...
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