Artificial Intelligence


What can artificial intelligence do for you?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term for technology that simulates human-like thinking and logic. It can be broken down into categories like deep learning, neuromorphic computing, real-time emotion analytics, natural language processing, all of which have broad business application. At Jade, we specialise in two areas of AI:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Know your customers’ next moves

Predictive machine learning algorithms anticipate your customers’ behaviours, and inform you of the best action to take.

Make educated business decisions

Speed up - or even fully automate - important business decisions, like processing insurance claims, or choosing your next investment.

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Virtual assistants

Consistent customer interactions

Help your customers and staff with tasks, like finding the right information or going through an application process, by talking or typing to virtual assistants on common channels like phone, email, or messaging platforms.

Offer 24/7 service without hiring more staff, process requests and questions in seconds, and predict when customers are about to leave.

And do it with the technology that suits your customers and business, whether that’s chat, voice, image, or facial recognition.

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