An accurate single view of your customer data is at the heart of your organization’s ability to make decisions at speed. We partner with you to unite, enhance, and unlock insights from your existing business and the data you’ll collect in the future.

Data Design – Powering business through data

To power the solutions we create through our human-centered design approach, we often need to unlock the value in your data. We do this by:

  • Creating a solid foundation (innovation platform) to collect, store, enhance, and present data. This includes architecting and storing data through cloud-native solutions plus interfacing to legacy data sources and migrating these solutions to more modern technology.
  • Connecting internal and external data sources into this innovation platform makes it easy to see, secure, and trust data across your business. This improves your business decision-making ability and provides the backbone for discovering future insights.
  • Making it easy and routine for you to collect data from your customers through technology.
  • Ensuring your data is secure and managed 24/7.

Analytics - Finding hidden gems

From working to connect all your data sources from core business systems, direct customer engagement, IoT devices, or third-party sources, enables you to take business insights to the next level. Through the application of data analytics, we:

  • Discover new insights across disparate data sources. Often these insights are the result of combining different and new datasets to enhance and extend the insights they provide.
  • Identify patterns and relationships amongst data sources to inform future decisions and drive desirable outcomes and results.
  • Simplify decision-making by enabling the input of data analytics back into your key decision-making processes.
Two Jade employees in front of a computer working together on data analysis

Visualization – Seeing the data facts

Though data analytics, you learn about the past and find new insights to help guide actions in the future. Making these learnings accessible is achieved through data visualization and includes the:

  • Visual display of processes and patterns shows how people make decisions and informs these decisions
  • Presentation of data in meaningful ways through dashboards and dynamic data display

Artificial Intelligence – Discovering the future

We go beyond more traditional data analytics through the application and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. With considerable experience in creating solutions that capitalize on the vast benefits AI offers, we have a deep understanding of:

  • Machine Learning - enabling businesses to identify patterns that lead to new opportunities for refining current processes or expanding product and service offerings by enabling technology to accurately predict future events
  • Computer Vision - identify and tracks objects and people through the processing of digital imagery, enabling new applications that were either impossible or too expensive in the past
  • Natural Language Generation and Processing - our digital employees focus on achieving human-like conversations to enhance customer experience and free up teams from mundane tasks. They take the domain of chatbots into the realm of valuable team members that are a key component of your customer engagement strategy.
  • Speech recognition - transcribing human speech in order to be processed and analyzed for themes and trends.