What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint offers a framework for making progress and decisions when you have a new customer proposition or need to build insights for your business case.

Made up of a collaborative five-day engagement, you’ll prototype and test your ideas with real customers to make sure you’re investing in the right things. Armed with realistic customer insights you can then make informed business decisions based on real data instead of assumptions or opinions.

See what a Design Sprint with Jade is all about, and what it could achieve for your business:

Design Sprints help you to:

  • Understand real customer needs 
  • Remove assumptions and risks 
  • Break big decisions down into smaller ones that can be tackled incrementally
  • Save time by getting real insights in as quickly as five days - instead of months 
  • Make decisions based on test data 
  • Produce something real that you can show to your customers and your business

A range of outputs are delivered from a Design Sprint including:

  • A customer journey map goals 
  • A prototype of your idea 
  • Test insights photos

How it works

How it works


Before we get started, Jade’s team of UX experts familiarises themselves with your business and customers. Then it’s time to get started.


A workshop with subject matter experts (SMEs) narrows the challenge down and sets realistic goals.


With a clearly defined challenge, we then create different solution options. 


We evaluate the different options and pick the one that works best for the challenge at hand. To do this, everyone votes for their preference, with the decision maker having the final say in what will be prototyped. 


Our UX team turns the user journey into a digital, interactive prototype app or website (although sometimes this could be low fidelity based on any decisions made on day 3). 


We test your new idea with five of your customers to see how it works, capture their feedback, and learn how to improve the idea. 

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Your involvement


Running the Design Sprint process provides real outcomes and insights for you to make decisions that will affect your business. So you’ll need to invest some time and resource throughout the process.

Before we start, you’ll need to assign a decision maker to the Sprint. The decision maker needs to have the authority to make decisions on the fly, without having to seek sign-off from other stakeholders uninvolved with the Sprint. 

Subject matter experts from around your business will need to be seconded to the Sprint. The best people for the job are those who thrive in a timeboxed and high pressure environment.

Your team will work full time in the Sprint for the first three days. This enables you to make immediate decisions and get results in a week.

Your involvement

Design Sprint

Supersizing your idea

An initial week long Design Sprint forms the foundation for additional Design Sprints and, ultimately, a delivery sprint is added to produce a summary video to prove your business case as outlined below.

Supersizing your idea

Adding extra time in the process allows us to further test insights and decisions to find out what needs to be improved or added to your idea. Updates are then made to the prototype and re-tested until you’re confident in what you’re building.

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