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Innovation: Research, design, prototyping

A people-first approach to new ideas

Whatever you do for customers, people are demanding that you do it digitally. And when you do, they compare you to the world-leading experiences that they call on every time they tap their phone or connect online. It starts with conception and design - finding the right ideas, and expressing them in the right way. Our innovative researchers and designers can show you how.

Software design isn’t about putting data on screens - it’s about making things that work beautifully for the people you do business with. User research tells us what people want to find out and get done, and experience designers make the right interactions easy and rewarding.

Innovation services

See how software innovation works by collaborating with our experts. We can help turn your digital strategy into a roadmap, ready for step-by-step implementation. Each software project starts with user experience (UX) experts working alongside customers to discover what people really want, quickly iterate possible solutions, and arrive at a workable, professional design before you’ve invested too much in development or other costs.


Great software starts with great user experience

Whatever software or app you’re making, the people who use it will compare you to the world-leading experiences that they call on every time they tap their phone or connect online. 

That’s why our user experience (UX) design experts, and real-life users of our software, are so important at every step of our innovation process. Software design isn’t about data and screens - it’s about UX design, making things that work beautifully for the real people you do business with. Whoever we’re working with, our process is design-led and fuels great ideas and turns them into software that people love to use.

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Design Sprints help you test ideas fast

Made up of a collaborative five-day engagement, you’ll prototype and test your ideas with real customers to make sure you’re investing in the right things. Armed with realistic customer insights you can then make informed business decisions based on real data instead of assumptions or opinions.

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Innovation services in action

Clients come to us when they want something that no-one else can offer.

Meridian Energy
Meridian Energy

Customer workshops and research inform the design of a new consumer app.


With a 'one team' approach, Jade and TAL Life Insurance are out-thinking uncertainty.

SBS Bank
SBS Bank

The first bank in the country to bring full internet banking services to mobile.

Innovators in your industry

Our innovation services, like all our digital business expertise, cover a wide range of industries.

Let's talk innovation

Find new ideas that impress customers. Email sales@jadeworld.com.

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