Jade believes that success in any project is built around people and answering their needs through technology. As a result, Jade partners with businesses to solve complex challenges by focusing on where and how people interact with technology, rather than simply deploying technology alone. To achieve this, we always place an understanding of people and their needs at the heart of our projects, never losing focus on the human side of creating value. It means we look to uncover insights and assumptions early, value usability, focus on higher customer engagement, and strive to deliver measurable outcomes for our clients. 

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Workshops  Understanding the mission

Our workshops are the start of every engagement and lay a foundation of shared knowledge, agreed goals, and anticipated challenges. Generally, we review your user journey to identify potential opportunities and pain points. With this knowledge, we are able to undertake Discovery Research within the right framework and with the right people.

Discovery Research — Finding problems worth solving

To create an outstanding solution, it's crucial to understand what people truly need—not what they say they need. We do this by learning about your existing knowledge and processes, plus collate any assumptions about your customers or internal teams. We then interview and observe people to understand their behavior and drivers. By independently listening and watching carefully, we uncover their unmet needs and turn these into new business opportunities.

Prototyping  Designing it right

Once we know the unmet needs, we explore a range of solution prototypes. Prototyping is the testing of ideas quickly to see how well they work for people, while de-risking solutions before build and launch. Depending on the challenge, we invite your team and customers to participate in creating solution concepts. Our UX team then designs interactive prototypes for user testing. 

User Testing — Proving it works

If you can’t prove it works, it’s not worth building. User testing is the pivotal moment in creating any solution for people because it validates our prototype with future users. From these tests, we learn how well the concepts work and how we can move from a good to a great experience. There is no substitute for getting direct feedback from people be they domain experts or your customers.

Analytics — Tracking success metrics

No digital experience is completed just because you've launched. Keeping a finger on the pulse of user and success metrics is a vital part in achieving your business goals. At the beginning, we’ll help define your success metrics and create a plan to track them with analytics tools. Our design team can also provide you with recommendations based on user behavior on how to accelerate achieving your goals.