Modern software creation is about combining people and data-driven insights to create engaging, user-friendly software that delivers a premium customer experience. This means our solutions work on devices your customers typically use, are secure and reliable, and are backed by a modern technology stack that aligns with modern business needs.

Engaging user experience

One of the best ways to strengthen loyalty of your staff and customers is to provide them with relevant experiences that deliver meaningful outcomes. Our human-centered approach to software enables us to prove we’re solving the right problem before it’s built. We make great user experiences come to life through:

  • Insight-led decision-making
  • User-testing to de-risk your launch
  • Design inspiration with your business aspirations in mind
A Jade software developer in front of his computer working on code his colleague in the background

All major platforms

As part of our Discover Research workshops, we uncover all sorts of insights, including what platforms your customers operate on. Listening to your customers and working with your teams, we develop software solutions for all relevant platforms, to reach your target audience wherever they are. These include:

  • Responsive, modern web apps and portals
  • iOS and Android hybrid apps
  • Augmented and virtual reality platforms
  • Conversation and voice platforms


Things that 'just work’ are magic. That's why we run our solutions in the cloud, bringing you the highest availability and scale, with a low-maintenance overhead and cost point. While we work with any of your cloud-service partners, our providers of choice are:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Our continuous delivery model allows us to safely, quickly, and sustainably deliver all types of software changes into production. We’ve had considerable experience enabling our customers to adopt CI/CD processes, dramatically reducing their implementation timeframes.

  • Low-risk deployments
  • Faster to market
  • Better software at lower cost

Integrate your existing systems

To create engaging customer experiences or a single view of customers, we typically need to connect to all your data sources through what we call an Innovation Platform. We have extensive expertise in connecting data from legacy systems and modern warehouses, which enables our clients to respond to market forces or opportunities by launching solutions at a much higher cadence.

24/7 managed services

We understand that both you and your customers expect digital products and services, plus websites and apps, to be available 24/7 - without exception. If you have a mission-critical system, our operations team can proactively monitor and look after your applications around the clock.

  • Live monitoring and alerting - to solve problems before they impact users
  • Active on-line management - we take care of software version control and update management
  • Disaster recovery - to ensure your mission-critical systems remain live
  • Data and software migration - to make the process of technology enhancement seamless
  • Secure hosting management - to ensure that your software and data is protected and secure