As a world-wide leader of support services to the aviation industry, ISS Aviation & Transport division recognizes the importance of creating the best passenger experience. Founded in Copenhagen in 1901, the ISS Group has grown to become one of the world’s leading Facility Services companies. With over 485,000 employees in over 46 countries, ISS Aviation & Transport division has over 200 million square feet of facility space and services over 200,000 customers. They provide a wide range of services too, including Facility Management, Cleaning Services, Support Services, Property Services, Catering Services, Security Services.

The inside of a modern airport with some people in waiting around an airport train platform

The problem

The aviation industry has been under considerable environmental and political pressure to reform its operational sustainability. With this in mind, ISS Aviation & Transport division released an RFP to reduce its heavy reliance on paper-based processes. As supervisors need to process a voluminous amount of paperwork, they can’t adequately focus on supporting the needs of their staff, the wider business, as well as the rest of the country. So there was more at stake than an environmental impact alone.


Due to short timeframes, we had to rapidly produced an RFP response that outlined an approach that met the needs of the ISS Aviation & Transport division. This RFP and the relationship that we developed with key stakeholders allowed us to win, and move immediately to an extended discovery phase. This enabled us to fully understand the complexities of a security supervisor’s role, through observations, insights, process and pain-point mapping.

We then moved into the delivery phase where we built a tablet-based MVP application called Super Supervisor. In just a few taps, supervisors can now promptly complete a majority of their tasks, enabling better operational decisions and security outcomes. Our managed services team continues to provide ongoing support and ensure maximum uptime of the application, as any downtime will lead to considerable disruption to the airport operations.

Ewan Addison, GM for Aviation Security, ISS Aviation & Transport division, said:
“The solution that Jade helped us initially deliver was the product of an insight-led approach. What we landed was an MVP that really fits the bill.”

The outcome

Our ongoing partnership has so far included:

  • More ‘heads up’ time for supervisors to watch passengers and staff, to ensure fewer breaches in security
  • Supervisors can spend more time on staff training and assistance
  • Significant reduction in paper use
  • Increased accuracy due to fewer misplaced paper reports
  • Improved reporting capability