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Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation

This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find ourselves in, examining how organisations embrace digital transformation and navigate through the psychological and economic impact we face.
  • Part one: Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation
  • Part two: Keeping people at the heart of digital transformations
  • Part three: Instilling a growth-focused digital transformation mindset
  • Part four: Building proactive Enterprise IT environments

This series was produced by Mark Teasdale and Michael Howard. Download the full series here.

Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation 

Businesses have recently been forced into not only considering but implementing their digital transformation journey on the flyKPMG Australia perceived the scale of such change expected to take several years is likely to occur in just months. Similarly, ADAPT (IT research and insights agency) revealed enterprise organisations are trimming IT and reducing costs, all while digitising workflows and maintaining resilient security. While pre-COVID organisations may not have 'had' the budget to deliver such transformational projectsthey’re now having to undertake such work with even tighter purse strings.    

According ta recent market intelligencewe found that over 60% of businesses surveyed viewed the current business environment as an opportunity to find new opportunities to scale and improve existing products and services. In turn, executives are increasingly turning to IT departments and enterprise software developers for guidance. 

It’s within this COVID-disrupted context that this series examines the key considerations for digital transformation. The goal is to share learnings from our experience in digital transformation (particularly in times of cataclysmic disruption such as the Christchurch Earthquakes) and alongside market intelligence from ADAPT 

This series will help guide you through our refined approach to digital transformation, which is resonating with C-suite executives across Australia and New Zealand, and is even more relevant in today’s environment. Our methodology to provide you with a clear direction forward seeks to answer three key questions: 

  • Are you solving the right problem? 
  • Do you have the right technology and architecture to scale? 
  • Are you delivering value frequently enough? 

It’s these three questions that form the basis of the second, third, and fourth parts of this series. If you want to read a copy of the series in its entirety, download full digital transformation report here or complete the form below. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next installment.

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