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Jade ThirdEye Thu, Jul 22, '21 9 min read

Setting up for cloud modernisation success

Shane Oerder has considerable network and solution architecture expertise under his belt, ...
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Jade ThirdEye Tue, Jun 29, '21 16 min read

Neo-insurance, data and tech

This blog comes from our interview with Jason Roberts. Jason is the Executive Director of ...
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Jade ThirdEye Mon, Jun 28, '21 12 min read

Building a stock exchange for digital-first SMEs

We sit down with Harry O'Connor, the CTO and co-founder of Catalist, the stock exchange ...
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Jade ThirdEye Mon, Jun 21, '21 12 min read

Insights from a DevOps Engineer

We sit down with DevOps Engineer Dan Rosenbrock and ask him about his experience in the ...
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Jade ThirdEye Mon, Mar 8, '21 10 min read

Leading the tech landscape: Meet Tom Hallam

We sat down with Tom Hallam, Jade's new Director of Techonlogy for a good old Q&A. ...
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Jade ThirdEye Fri, Jan 8, '21 11 min read

Buy-in… how to get business support for your 2021 digital projects

While many would say that 2020 was the year of a five-letter word beginning with C and ...
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Jade ThirdEye Sat, Sep 5, '20 14 min read

Data is the new oil.

December 8 2019 Wuhan in the Chinese province Hubei a man is diagnosed with a coronavirus ...
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Jade ThirdEye Wed, Aug 19, '20 4 min read

Allianz: A self-service insurance platform for time-poor SMEs

Allianz is one of Australia's largest general insurers, and it’s also a leading private ...
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Jade ThirdEye Wed, Jun 10, '20 5 min read

The failed pipe dreams of business intelligence and data analytics.

Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics (DA) have rightly been two of the most in ...
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Jade ThirdEye Wed, Apr 29, '20 12 min read

Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation

This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find ourselves in, ...
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