Delivering growth faster

Embrace new and emerging technologies to supercharge your business growth

Emerging technologies and superior customer experiences are key ingredients in supercharging business growth. They need to be fused and rolled out at speed in order to maximize their effectiveness. We thrive on testing new ideas within weeks instead of months, empowering you to make insight-led decisions, not guesses. We then develop and scale these ideas, iteratively improving them with insights we learn along the way.

Two female Jade employees looking at a phone in front of a whiteboard

Need for speed

When it comes to creating new growth opportunities, customer-centricity and identifying customer needs are critical. Jade Sprints are a collaborative engagement that form the foundation for the ideation process. We then produce rapid prototypes that are tested by internal stakeholders, customers, and potential customers. With our testing insights, you get actionable insights within days, not months!

  • Design Sprints - Outpacing the competition has never been harder. One-week design Sprints offer a way to test your new ideas fast and get insights on what to do next.
  • Conversational Interface Sprint  — Together, we create and teach a conversational prototype, and test your digital employee (intelligent chatbot) with real customers to make sure it works.
  • Artificial Intelligence Sprint  — This is an AI game plan that showcases how to harness the power of AI in your business and test an AI concept with people

Starting small, aiming big

No matter what we develop with you, we have the flexibility to be agile like a start-up, but think big like an enterprise. We deliver Minimal Viable Products (MVP) within weeks and test them with real people. These can then be put into production and scaled as required.

  • People first, solving problems that matter
  • Hypothesis-driven experiments
  • Metrics tracking to gauge success
  • Product or service roadmap

Embracing new technologies

New technologies (or combining existing technologies in new ways) will be the enabler of disruption in established markets. We continuously research and prototype new customer solutions to understand the unique potential of cutting-edge technologies we offer to you.

  • Augmented/Mixed Reality (AR/MR) and  Virtual Reality (VR) deliver immersive and productive experiences for customers and teams
  • IoT-enabled devices create a data-rich environment where businesses can make more informed decisions at speed
  • Our AI-powered digital employees can see, hear, sense, and naturally talk, enhancing your customer experience plus relieving your team from the burden of repetitive tasks