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From ‘gotcha’ to ‘we get you’ in agritech

"Does it work offline?" This is one of the biggest questions from farmers.

We’ve stood alongside the OnSide team at events like Fieldays and MobileTECH, and the same question keeps coming up from farmers who are looking at their health and safety app.


Does it work offline?

It’s a big concern. OnSide is built for places like farms and orchards — places that are often beyond the reach of internet connectivity. If you work in the countryside, you’re used to apps failing when your connection drops out.

In fact, you’re so familiar with apps failing like this that it’s the first question you ask. It’s the ultimate gotcha question. If the answer to “Does it work offline?” is “no”, then you walk away.




There’s no point trying to manage farm health and safety on mobile if you need to be online the whole time

It might look like a technology problem or a coverage problem when you step into a paddock and apps stop working. But that’s not how we see it. The way we see things, this is a user experience (UX) problem.

So, yes, OnSide works offline.




Members of the Jade team that designed and built OnSide listen as Michael from OnSide takes them on a farm visit.

OnSide works offline because we asked farmers what they need before we built it. We saw and heard what’s important when our designers and developers visited farms. And we heard it again when we talked to farmers who’d be using the system that we were building.

This UX-led way of working is how we turned a “gotcha” into a “we get you”.

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