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The case for devops excellence

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Improving organisational efficiency with cross-functional delivery, speed to market, sustainability, and consistent quality is on the agenda for most technology teams. But this isn't possible without a deliberate approach to DevOps.

While DevOps as a concept has been around for some time, most organisations still have a relatively low level of maturity with it. Consequently, organisations that invest in DevOps methodologies enjoy an advantage over others.

DevOps Assessment

While many technology teams have embraced DevOps as part of their agile journey, there are often several factors hampering long-term effectiveness.

The Jade Digital DevOps experts can assess your current DevOps capability, create an initial backlog, identify initial goals, and create an estimate of the overall engagement required.


DevOps Framework Design

Transformational work like this requires change and investment and can seem overwhelming. But the outcomes can be equally transformational.

We plan how to customise our framework and engage with your team. This includes mapping dependencies against goals, building a consistent roadmap between sprints, and creating tasks.


DevOps Framework Delivery

While organisations often have the talent required to operate in a DevOps environment, they typically lack expertise in establishing a high-performing DevOps programme.

We'll work with the key people and change-makers in your business to progress your DevOps journey, with the goal of enabling your team to operate autonomously.


For DevOps teams to work at optimum levels, several key factors need to be in place. The Jade Digital DevOps Excellence engagement seeks to understand the presence of these factors in an organisation.



DevOps assessment

Capability assessment

Framework design

Increment Planning

Framework delivery

Uplift process + teams

Sustaining excellence

Support and maintain

DevOps Capability Assessment

Is your current DevOps capability setting you up for success?

Understand the strength of your organisation's DevOps capability and get a plan to make it world class.

The level of investment depends a lot on your business complexity, team size, and what you want to achieve. Our engagements start at two weeks for a two-person team. Get in touch for a quote that's tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Jade Digital to enhance your DevOps capability?

Jade-Digital_Trusted-Icon_Green Trusted in regulated

Decades of expertise withstanding the rigours of regulated organisations

Jade-Digital_Code-Icon_Green Modern software
delivery practices

Leading DevOps and other engineering practices for stable, secure applications

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and ongoing care

Enabling organisations to maximise how they use technology and processes

Jade-Digital_Graph-Icon_Green Holistic approach
to scaling your success

Fostering long-term relationships for sustainably delivering desired results

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