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Michael Howard
Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation
This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find..
John Ascroft
How to simplify Disaster Recovery for JADE applications by using Amazon Web Services

Managing risk around IT infrastructure is a core requirement of every..

Charlotte Walshe
Jade Business Continuity Plan
Our BCP plan has been in action for over a month now and will continue to..
Syen Nik
Using machine learning to unlock the potential of computer vision

Computer vision (CV) is the ability for a computer (or machine) to see and..

Michael Howard
Digital transformation and innovation: Expectation vs reality

Do you remember the Amazon Fire Phone? Chances are, you don’t. Which is..

Michael Howard
Why digital projects should always begin with user experience design

What makes a digital platform most memorable to you? It’s likely good..

Steve Foster
What is hybrid IT? Exploring one of the big IT trends in 2020.

Several tech experts from around the world have signalled a rise in the term..

Michael Howard
The impact of design thinking on customer experience

As humans, we tend to develop patterns of thinking based on our knowledge..

Michael Howard
We built the world’s first digital barista. But why?

Bella is a conversational AI-enabled digital assistant, who can talk to you..

Setting the foundations for your Industry 4.0 journey

Industry 4.0 brings with it the exciting opportunity to transform the way..

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