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Your way of working -
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The case for keeping your application

There are many different pathways for investing in digital solutions, but finding the most cost-effective route with an acceptable level of risk can be challenging. The risk that is often the hardest to quantify, but often the easiest to predict, is the risk to people and their acceptance of change. There’s a dynamic relationship between technology and the people who use it. The processes inherent within and enabled by technology have the ability to both mimic and influence workplace culture - so often the people impact decision is more complex and important than the product decision.

Application modernisation breathes new life into the backbone of your business, and in turn your employees and customers. By incorporating cloud capabilities, new integrations, revised architectures and updated experience design, businesses can keep their unique way of working with little disruption, whilst also developing their technology in ways that enable a dynamic business strategy. 

How application modernisation helps

Avoid the end of support

Often it seems that replacing or upgrading your applications is the only way forward, but doing so can mean losing key customisations and processes built over the years that are central to your way of working.

Engage customers

Your customers are requesting access to information you store and you want to share it in an interesting and engaging way. Currently this isn't possible with your applications.

Run on the cloud

You want the benefits enabled by cloud hosting but you don't want the extensive programme of work to move all of your on-prem systems and map established business processes for continuity.

Employee engagement

You have part of your core system that gets circumvented because it's not intuitive or straightforward to use. You need to keep the function, but enhance the user experience.


A solid API Management strategy enables you capitalise on your existing IT assets to increase innovation, better connect your customers, transform your legacy systems and access superior technical features in your existing and future IT investments.

At Jade Digital, we make the effort to keenly understand your business’ goals and enhance the delivery of those goals through superior API integration and technology.



Encapsulation is one of the more common application modernisation techniques. It involves packaging up a part or parts of your application into easy self-service solutions. For some of our clients this has come to life through a web application for their customers to access their account data, a mobile app for reading stock availability and sales, and a cloud hosted gateway to gated IP for industry affiliates. 

Find out how AgResearch partnered with Jade on their HyperFarm Project to move their IP to Azure, breaking it out of a monolith of systems.



Cloud hosting may now be the norm, but it may not have been in the picture when your applications were originally developed. Moving to the cloud doesn't mean you need to reinvent the wheel, rehosting will see your applications rebuilt to be cloud native with revised architecture, or 'lifted and shifted' to make the most of cloud capabilities and tools. For some of our clients we've rebuilt significant document repositories, while others have shifted employee or customer engagement portals or relocated their main ERP.

Find out how Skipton Building Society partnered with Jade to move their document management repository to the cloud and avoid erasing years of customisations, and re-writing business processes.



It can seem extreme, but rebuilding an application that serves you well to enable even more features, enhanced security and functionality, simply makes good sense. There is little disruption to BAU and the transition for users is seamless. When rebuilding it is important to review user processes, documentation and your long-term architecture goals to best navigate risk and enhance value for your application in its' new cloud environment.

Find out how DB Cargo partnered with Jade on a custom built replacement for their existing document management system.


Allianz and Jade:
A success story of
sustained modernisation

Find out how Jade  worked with Allianz to achieve sustained future success.
Watch the video to gain insight into the value of partnering with Jade Digital.

Find out more about us and validate your business needs

Application Modernisation Discovery

Gain validation of your user experience and application processes through a discovery workshop with Jade Digital.

Work with Jade Digital

We are multi-disciplinary
We are multi-disciplinary

A team with Experience Designers, DevOps Coaches, Machine learning experts, Developers and Architects.

Change shouldn't equal disruption
Change shouldn't equal disruption

We have testing built into our development and work within your project boundaries. 

We de-risk your solutions
We de-risk your solutions

We bring a wealth of insight and experience from long-term customer partnerships that span heavily regulated industries.

A rapid path
A rapid path

We focus on the rapid delivery of measurable business benefits through our agile, design-centered ways of working.