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Saj Arachchillage
The fundamental role of DevOps in your modernisation programme

It’s hard to believe that space travel is over 60 years old. So much has..

Eve Gumbley
Pride at work

Culture is an active outworking of company values within a collaborative..

Michael Howard
Leading the tech landscape: Meet Tom Hallam

We sat down with Tom Hallam, Jade's new Director of Techonlogy for a good..

Charlotte Walshe
Jade Business Continuity Plan

Our BCP plan has been in action since the beginning of 2020 and will..

Michael Howard
Buy-in… how to get business support for your 2021 digital projects

While many would say that 2020 was the year of a five-letter word beginning..

Michael Howard
Three ways to maximise your confidence in your cloud modernisation programme

Cloud modernisation programmes (also referred to as digital transformation)..

Michael Howard
What version of 2021 are you investing in for your customers?

Recent research from ADAPT revealed that only 45% of businesses were able to..

Mark Teasdale
Capability uplift: Evaluating potential cloud modernisation partners

Once an organisation has agreed on the genuine need for technology change,..

Dan Rosenbrock
Dan Rosenbrock: Reflections on adopting DevOps practices in highly regulated environments.

Every business needs to balance constraints like budget, capabilities, and..

Syen Nik
Ethics and transparency in an age of algorithms, AI, and machine learning.

Businesses turning to innovative digital solutions are realising the growing..

David Bonne
A short word on DDoS attacks and mitigations

This article outlines Jade’s existing capabilities that will facilitate some..

Michael Howard
Data is the new oil.

December 8 2019 Wuhan in the Chinese province Hubei a man is diagnosed with..

Mark Teasdale
TAL, Rest Super, and Jade: An implementation success story

In mid-2019 and following a rigorous competitive tender process, TAL was..

Michael Howard
Allianz: A self-service insurance platform for time-poor SMEs

Allianz is one of Australia's largest general insurers, and it’s also a..

Mark Teasdale
Zurich: Sustainability and scalability in life insurance

Zurich Insurance Group is a leading multi-line insurer that serves customers 

Mark Teasdale
DevOps: busting barriers to frequent value delivery - Part three

This series has outlined several DevOps practices to avoid and ways to..

Mark Teasdale
DevOps: busting barriers to frequent value delivery - Part two

Removing the common barriers that impact an organisation's DevOps practices..

Mark Teasdale
DevOps: busting barriers to frequent value delivery - Part one

Fusing software development and operations (DevOps) provides organisations..

Michael Howard
8 steps for realising the true potential of business intelligence and data analytics

This article explores eight ways to help your organisation realise an..

Michael Howard
Understanding the four types of data analytics.

The volume of data in the world is growing exponentially. You only need to..

Michael Howard
The failed pipe dreams of business intelligence and data analytics.

Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics (DA) have rightly been two of..

John Ascroft
How to simplify Disaster Recovery for JADE applications by using Amazon Web Services

Managing risk around IT infrastructure is a core requirement of every..

Mark Teasdale
Delivering frequent value with DevOps methodology
This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find..
Mark Teasdale
Technology & architecture: A growth-focused digital transformation mindset
This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find..
Mark Teasdale
Keeping people at the heart of digital transformation
This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find..
Michael Howard
Setting the scene of COVID-induced digital transformation
This is a four-part series that dives into the post-COVID world we find..
Syen Nik
Using machine learning to unlock the potential of computer vision

Computer vision (CV) is the ability for a computer (or machine) to see and..

Michael Howard
Digital transformation and innovation: Expectation vs reality

Do you remember the Amazon Fire Phone? Chances are, you don’t. Which is..

Michael Howard
Why digital projects should always begin with user experience design

What makes a digital platform most memorable to you? It’s likely good..

Steve Foster
What is hybrid IT? Exploring one of the big IT trends in 2020.

Several tech experts from around the world have signalled a rise in the term..

Michael Howard
The impact of design thinking on customer experience

As humans, we tend to develop patterns of thinking based on our knowledge..

Michael Howard
We built the world’s first digital barista. But why?

Bella is a conversational AI-enabled digital assistant, who can talk to you..

Michael Howard
Setting the foundations for your Industry 4.0 journey

Industry 4.0 brings with it the exciting opportunity to transform the way..

Michael Howard
Industry 4.0: An introduction and the opportunity

The fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0 as it’s otherwise known)..

Michael Howard
The state of IoT in New Zealand

Internet of things (IoT) has been flying around for a few years now, with..

Michael Howard
The power of people and AI

Throughout every industrial revolution in history, we’ve seen how man and..

Michael Howard
Performance through perfection - how automation and innovation drive efficiency

Automation is not just about working faster, but also working smarter while..

Michael Howard
Why you don’t need to throw legacy systems out with the bath water

For many, the idea of replacing technology that is in fact only a few years..

Michael Howard
Meet Nola, Noel Leeming's new digital employee

Shoppers at the recently-opened Noel Leeming store at Westfield Newmarket,..

Michael Howard
Why you can't just set and forget a digital employee.

Unlike commodity technology, you can’t just launch and leave your chatbot...

Michael Howard
Intelligent chatbots as recruits: Putting digital employees to work for your business

Gone are the frustrating rudimentary responses, replaced instead with..

Michael Howard
Five types of return on investment that digital employees offer.

There’s no question that digital employees (intelligent chatbots) require..

Jonathon Bray
Confessions of an artificial intelligence psychologist

Artificial intelligence is basically a computer system that has learned how..

Eduard Liebenberger
Moving from a mobile-first to a conversational-first mindset

"We are living in a conversation-first world”. Increasingly, I hear..

Michael Howard
Why so many businesses struggle to implement a chatbot solution that works

To understand what the fundamental changes in implementing successful chats..

Syen Nik
Syen Nik: My five cents on machine learning

We sat down with Syen Nik, Head of Machine Learning at Jade, to learn what..

Michael Howard
The anatomy of a digital employee.

The capabilities of digital employees are close to infinite. The ways you..

Michael Howard
Customer experience: New Zealand's pulse

How do you initiate and measure the success of projects that move the needle..

Michael Howard
Applied AI – Why a digital employee is your perfect human assistant

From grandeur projects to ethical debates, workforce disruption to business..

Michael Howard
2050 insights we uncovered at Downstream 2019.

After taking some time to digest what was presented and discussed at..

Michael Howard
When member engagement is top priority – digital solutions are the answer

Organisations in the financial services sector have traditionally built and..

Conversational intelligence for a new era: Jade and Ambit announce new partnership

According to research organisation Gartner, AI-powered chatbots are going to..

Ant Tyler
What do the big thinkers say about our financial future?

Although artificial intelligence will replace certain tasks within jobs in..

Ant Tyler
Jade Roundtable Series: How can humans control AI?

Following on from our last article, we continue to explore the discussion..

Ant Tyler
The human factor: How chatbots and AI work together in Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is being integrated into our lives in more ways than..

Ant Tyler
Five ways chatbots and AI deliver value in Financial Services

The days of communicating with human customer service reps are numbered. In..

Ant Tyler
Jade Roundtable Series: Does AI have ethics?

There’s a growing question around the ethics of artificial intelligence,..

Ant Tyler
Are you a financial service provider? It's time to join the AI generation.

Ready to deliver friction-less engagements? You might not have a choice as..

Ant Tyler
The rise of chatbots and AI in Financial Services

In a demand-driven world, businesses are increasingly seeking out ways to..

Ant Tyler
AI: Think big, start small, scale fast...

“Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital..

Ant Tyler
Jade Roundtable Series: Will AI steal our jobs and future?

Discussion around the future impact of artificial intelligence (AI)..

Ant Tyler
Robo advice is nothing to fear

Advice automation has become one of 2018’s hot topics. Company tech leaders..

Ant Tyler
What can NZ learn from UK data protection laws?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) launched a few months ago has..

Ant Tyler
Jade client Zurich launches new Adviser Portal

Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) is one of the world’s leading insurers...

Eva Schmittgall
An expert's inside word on the business of design sprints.

There’s no better acid test for a concept than to see if it works in..

Ant Tyler
NZ business leaders have high digital aspirations, but lack momentum

Digital strategy is the new normal in the day of the life of a New Zealand..

Shna Galindo
Six reasons to use a Design Sprint for your next project

When you’re faced with a new and challenging project, it can be difficult..

Max Johns
From ‘gotcha’ to ‘we get you’ in agritech

"Does it work offline?" This is one of the biggest questions from farmers.

Ant Tyler
Chatbots: A new conversation for a new customer

Data and customer-centricity are priorities for insurers. Conversational..

Sample HubSpot User
Your boss thinks CRM is your next big tech project.

CRM is regularly identified as one of the biggest painpoints for businesses.

Shna Galindo
Threat or opportunity? Which new technologies are changing New Zealand’s energy industry?

New Zealand’s energy industry is unlike the rest of the world.

Machine learning lifts university students’ chances of graduation

New Zealand’s tertiary education system contributes over $3.8B to the..

Restructured leadership reflects commitment to growth, pace, and quality

Over the last few years, we have evolved our business to be the premium..

Governing Information Systems Resilience: A Case Study

A paper, co-authored by Jade’s Chief Innovation Officer, John Ascroft, Dr..

Lifebroker and Jade’s chatbot hits the headlines

Today, in an Australian first, life insurance comparison service Lifebroker,..

Jade Software appoints new CEO

Jade Software has appointed Charlotte Walshe as its new Chief Executive..

Ant Tyler
TAL makes life easier for customers

TAL, Australia’s largest life insurer, recognised that attracting and..

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